Inspirations Society (Unrestricted)

In 2016 we established the Inspirations Society allowing people to commit a minimum of $1,000 for a 5-year period. Gifts qualifying for the Society are at 3 different levels:

• You may customize your gift, paying all at once or in installments over the course of the year (example, $1,000/yr=$83.33/month)

• You may customize the amount based on your philanthropic wishes

• You will receive periodic updates about Pine Castle including newsletter mailings and invitations to special events and receptions.

• You will receive an end of year statement for your tax records

Inspirations Fund Pledge Form

Designated Giving

Donations can be designated for a specific program and/or purpose, such as training program tuition assistance or a particular improvement within a group home. Restricted donations may be targeted for support of a program or individual participant/resident need.

The Seth Tenenbaum Memorial Assistance Fund

The Tenenbaum Family generously initiated this fund in 2007 in memory of their loved one, Seth, a former Pine Castle program participant, in response to a growing number of people who face significant state funding cuts to their annual training and/or care program. Donations to the Tenenbaum Fund will be used to provide assistance for those in most critical need of services to ensure well-being.

Consider a Legacy Gift

The Evergreen Society honors those who have designated Pine Castle in their estate plans. Naming Pine Castle in your will or living trust allows you to provide for the future of Pine Castle while maintaining control of your current assets. You can choose a dollar amount or percentage of your estate, or include Pine Castle as a contingent beneficiary.

Sample wording:

“I bequeath the sum of $_______ or Description of Property or _______% to Pine Castle, Inc., 4911 Spring Park Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32207, EIN#59-0704733, to be used or disposed of for the benefit of Pine Castle, Inc.”

Gift Calculator

The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida’s  GiftLaw Calculator is a planned gifts calculator designed for professionals. It follows the IRS format. You can run charitable deduction calculations for your favorite gift plan and see what the benefit would be for you and Pine Castle. Our many thanks to The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida for allowing us to share this link with our donors.


For more information on The Evergreen Society, contact:
Anthony Sutton, CFRE
Chief Development Officer or (904)733-2650 ext. 282

Charitable IRA Rollover

The IRA Charitable Rollover provision allows individuals who have reached age 70½ to donate up to $100,000 to charitable organizations directly from their Individual Retirement Account (IRA), without treating the distribution as taxable income.

The IRA current gifts rollover is very simple. The transfer is directly from the IRA to Pine Castle, a qualified public charity. The IRA rollover is not taxable on the donor’s tax return and there is therefore no need for a tax deduction. It is a nice, simple and effective way of making a charitable gift. It also helps to satisfy your required minimum distribution.

Gifts of Stock

Gifts of stock and bonds are welcomed at Pine Castle; however, these gifts require special planning and consultation with your professional financial advisor and the Pine Castle staff. Pine Castle recommends that donors who have decided to make a gift of stock contact Anthony Sutton, Chief Development Officer at (904) 733-2650 ext. 282.

Stock Donation Form

Matching Gifts

If your firm or company offers a matching gift program, you are credited with the entire contribution. Many companies even match gifts made by board members or retirees.

Gifts in Kind

Individuals can help meet the needs of Pine Castle by donating new or gently used items for group homes and/or the Learning Activity Center.

For more information, please contact Anthony Sutton, Chief Development Officer, at or call (904)733-2650 ext. 282.