Opportunities for Meaningful Work


Do you remember earning your first paycheck? That excitement, pride and fulfillment of taking your first big step towards independence! This is how our 180 clients who participate in our on-campus work programs feel each week they receive a paycheck.

For our participants who’d like to learn vocational skills but aren’t quite ready for community employment, Pine Castle provides job preparation training, paid work opportunities, and hands-on job experience in a facility-based setting.

Participants can choose from a range of on-campus work opportunities:


• Various assembly and packaging jobs are performed for companies like AT&T, Revlon, Sigma Marketing and other local and national businesses.

• The Pine Castle Wood Shop was created in the 1970’s as the agency’s first production area and has become the largest regional supplier of survey stakes for construction and survey companies.

• Pine Castle’s Mop Shop produces several lines of industrial mops available to government agencies across the state of Florida including schools, hospitals, and correctional facilities.

• Pine Castle drug tests are pre-packaged from national and international manufactures, assembled and kit per specification of the customer. There are a variety of more than 100 types and create over one million per year. Pine Castle supplies all of the drug test kits to the Florida Department of Correction.

For more information, please contact OkSun Burks, Director of Business Development, at oburks@pinecastle.org or call (904)733-2650 ext. 237.

Meet Stacy

Stacy has been involved with Pine Castle for 8 years. Prior to coming to Pine Castle, she worked in the fast food industry, but was let go during management changes. Stacy wanted meaningful daytime activities, a place where she could earn money and maintain her independence. When Stacy came to Pine Castle, she was assigned to the Mop Shop. She enjoys working in the mop shop and all of the friends she’s made while working here. Stacy is one of Pine Castle’s best workers and was named Employee of the Year in 2011.