Success Stories

Pine Castle helped pioneer the philosophy that individuals with IDD have the right to live full and productive lives.


Meet Percy

When Percy arrived at Pine Castle, he had a manual wheelchair, no shoes, and a backpack. With support from Pine Castle, Percy now utilizes public transportation and has developed his public speaking abilities enabling him to earn a paycheck. He also has the opportunity to follow his dream of being a Radio Announcer through our Pine Castle Radio and Podcast Program.

Meet Abdiel

Abdiel is enrolled in our Community Employment Program and works on-site in the Wood Shop. He only communicates through American Sign Language (ASL) and is among other participants that are supported by the Seth Tenenbaum Fund. Abdiel is learning necessary skills to help him earn a paycheck, develop social skills, and work as part of a team. He is thriving in his environment and loves being with others who communicate through ASL.

Meet Ana

“Pine Castle has taught me so much over the past few years. I am able to work on campus, completing various contracts, and off campus at Bruster’s Ice Cream. I am a member of The Flashbacks band and President of Rosie the Riveters Club. All of these areas allow me to earn a paycheck and support my goal of living independently.”

Ana, Participant in Pine Castle’s Community Employment Pathway

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