Pine Castle is a place to learn and develop new friendships while pursuing personal development, career development, community engagement, and employment opportunities. At Pine Castle, we take immense pride in our exceptional team of dedicated professionals who bring an award-winning curriculum and experience to our organization.

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The Academy Pathways

The Academy has two semesters per year, and participants can choose different courses or extra-curricular activities each semester. Both pathways include weekly field trips for up to ten participants in a small group setting utilizing our two campus buses. One bus is dedicated to the Pathway to Community Employment and includes job exploration field trips. The other bus is used for the Life Enrichment Pathway and incorporates cultural and civic outings.

Life Enrichment Pathway

Our Life Enrichment curriculum focuses on developing the life skills necessary to increase overall independence and quality of life for individuals with IDD through hands-on learning experiences. Individuals on the Pathway to Life Enrichment will complete the following modules: Personal Productivity, Money Management, Community Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Self-Advocacy and Health, Safety, and Citizenship.

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Community Employment Pathway

Our Community Employment Services pathway guides individuals seeking employment within the community to find the best-suited career path. Pre-screening will identify an individual’s needs, abilities, skill level, and interests. Training will be provided to help our participants obtain and maintain employment by transitioning them into work settings through the Academy curriculum. This pathway is time-limited; clients have 36 months to move through the program.

Pre-Admission Assessment Survey

Please take a few moments to complete the Pine Castle Pre-Admission form with the necessary information. In filling out the pre-admissions form for Pine Castle, Your valuable input will help us ensure the best care for your loved one. If you have any questions, contact our Admissions Department at

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