The Academy

Life Enrichment

Our dedicated Direct Support Professionals provide education on topics for each module while also providing hands-on practice of skills to help reinforce concepts. Upon completion of the Pathway to Life Enrichment, individuals have the opportunity to determine if they would like to continue onto the Pathway to Community Employment and seek community employment.

The Importance of Teaching Life Skills

Our Pathway to Life Enrichment curriculum focuses on developing the life skills necessary to increase overall independence and quality of life for individuals with IDD through hands-on learning experiences. Individuals on the Pathway to Life Enrichment will complete the following modules:

Interpersonal Skills
Health, Safety, and Citizenship

Personal Productivity
Money Management
Community Skills

Seniors Program

Our Senior Program is designed for individuals with IDD who have retired from community employment and/or whose differences are compounded by age-related changes, such as dementia or physical limitations. Participants engage in a variety of person-centered activities that focus on reminiscence activities, cognitive stimulation, social interaction, and maintenance of daily living skills.

Our seniors can choose to have their nails done by their Direct Support Professional in the salon, enjoy coffee with peers in the coffee shop, or enjoy a movie in our movie theater. Individuals in the Senior Program also enjoy a variety of community visitors including musicians, volunteers and university students that help promote social interaction and engagement.


For individuals with more severe intellectual and physical differences, we offer a sensory-based curriculum that helps promote physical, cognitive, and social wellness. They’ll engage in a variety of sensory activities throughout the day that involve sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, and movement. Our dedicated Direct Support Professionals also assist individuals with mobility, feeding, hygiene, and behavioral needs, as needed, in order to increase the individual’s overall quality of life.

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